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Dave, Tammy, & DJ

About Us!

DJ Feathers is a family-owned aviary located in Northern Virginia. We started out as most people do with a single bird, a cockatiel (named Petie). Quickly, we realized we were bird people: we love them, we plan vacations around our birds, and developed a burning need for more. We now have a flock ranging from the smallest Parrotlet to the largest Macaw.

Our love for keeping and breeding parrots is not a profit farm. Tammy loves to hand-feed, and we don't have room to keep all the birds (regardless of what Tammy says). We take pride in rearing pet quality, well adjusted birds that will provide you with years of love and companionship. We spend many hours hand feeding, tending, and playing with our babies. We also spend time with the prospective 'parents' to ensure they are prepared to bring a bird into their home. We have come to realize that no one ever owns another living thing - you buy the right to provide custodial care. It's not for everyone, and we would rather not sell if we think the home may not be right.

Tammy is very dedicated to her craft. It's not a job, it is a passion that means many sacrifices and a less-than-'normal' life. Many days of the year, its up at 6 to hand feed the babies, clean cages, feed the adults, and say good morning (to the flock that gets so excited to hear her stirring in the bedroom above the aviary). Breakfast with the family is DJ enjoying his meal with the multitude of Tiels, Conures, and Caiques who may prefer a bite of his food to that of their own. Afternoons are spent checking each cage, socializing with the babies (so they get used to the human touch, and look forward to it), more feedings, and more cleaning. In between, there are visits from soon-to-be parents eager to bond with their babies, meetings with prospective buyers that heard about DJ Feathers and wanted to visit, and answering scores of emails received from literally all over the world. The day doesn't end until sometime after 11 PM when the last feedings are completed and the cages and brooders cleaned again for the night. Bedtime for all means light sleeping for Tammy - in case a night fright calls her back to the aviary to make sure parents make it back on their eggs and to ensure everyone is safe and sound. Even on vacation we don't get too far off the track.

It's a demanding schedule that calls for a special person capable of keenly observing those in her care that cannot easily speak up when they don't feel well or when they need something. Tammy has developed a 6th sense towards her flock that makes her a little bit like Dr. Doolittle. You can tell that many of the birds can and do communicate on some level directly to her. Tammy does it with such fluid motion, what looks like a three days work rolled into one appears to be a blissful afternoon with her loving companions, and in many respects to Tammy, it is.

We're glad you found us, hope you will enjoy your look around the site, and also hope you find what you were looking for! Be sure to email if you have any questions.


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