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It just gets better every year, and this year was by far the best concert (and parking lot party) ever! We're already planning next year's event. Here are a few of the pictures taken. Check back over the coming week as there are more to come!

Concert Pics from 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008
The Video

The truck is packed and we're ready to roll. Which way to Margaritaville?
Appropriate dress required.
The load in and setup were quite organized, for chaos.
That man has one big parrot on his shoulder!
Long pants at a party in Margaritaville? Nah!
Before we could even get completely set up we had visitors playing on the beach.
Everyone had smiles on their faces the whole day long.
We wanted to show people what REAL parrotheads are about. The parrot on the top of our truck was the highest display at the park (we had the biggest parrot, too - at 12 feet!)
We're not sure why (ha-ha), but we did attract a lot of attention with lots of folks stopping by to say hello.
Maybe it was the 2,800 pounds of sand we brought in for our own beach?
Perhaps it was the Tiki Bar with the magic blender (serving up all those frozen concoctions that helped us hang on)?
Maybe it was our monkey? (the one in the tree, not the one cooking). No white sports coat, but lots of pink crustaceans.
Maybe it was all the food...
The answers to questions that bothered us so were found (in the bottom of a blue cup chalice).
It was five o'clock all day! (These are the people our parents warned us about!)
Yes, I am a pirate.
Hula Girls!
A schoolboy's heart (and novelist's eye).
There's Jimmy!
It was extra special because Fingers Taylor (in the tank top), an original Coral Reefer whose claim to fame is the amazing harmonica playing, joined in for the evening.
At 60, Jimmy still sings and performs in ageless style.
Nadira Shakur, Peter Mayer, and Mac McAnally
Singer, songwriter, NY Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and entertainer - Jimmy Buffett...
...and the Coral Reefer Band
Jittery, yes (from the mobile phone camera) taken as the cameraman took our picture for the big television screens in the pavilion.
We were close enough to make eye contact several times.
Could it have been DJ's parrot nose that caught Jimmy's eye?
DJ gave a little wave to Jimmy, and he waved back! DJ waved with both arms frantically, Jimmy pointed to his nose and waved back just as frantically! A couple minutes later we were met by Jimmy's bodyguard who came down from the stage to us...
He said, "Mr. Buffett would like your son to have this..." It made our night!
Yes, we got the t-shirt, too.

Concert Pics from 2005 | 2006 | 2007
The Video


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