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Green Cheek Conures (Pyrrhura molinae) are a little smaller than a cockatiel. They have great personalities and are on the quiet side (making them great apartment parrots). They are the quietest of the entire Conure family. They are very playful, and like the Caiques, will play and sleep on their backs!

The star of the movie, Paulie!, the Blue-crowned Conure (Aratinga acuticaudata) is one of the favorites of the Conure family. Their personality makes them a wonderful addition to most homes. They learn to talk and are great entertainers.

Dusky Conures (Aratinga weddelli) come from western South America. They are on the smaller side of the conure family, are also on the quiet side, and are very playful and loving. They can learn to talk and are very sociable.

Green Cheek Conures  
Meet Daiquiri. He's a Yellow-sided Green Cheek Conure.
This is Sangria. She's also a Yellow-sided Green Cheek Conure.
So far, they're very shy around us. They have incredibly brilliant colors and will be breeding for us in the Spring of 2006.
Piña and Colada. our Pineapple and Cinnamon Green Cheek Conures
This is lady Piña, our Pineapple Green Cheek Conure
And this is Colada, Piña's hubby, the Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure
Blue-tipped wings (clipped in our aviary for safety's sake). What gorgeous red tails!
Piña (left) is the pineapple. You get a good comparison between pineapple and cinnamon.
Colada up close and personal.
Blue Crowned Conures  
Conner, meet Zoë. Zoë, meet Conner.
They quickly became good friends.
I hope something fell...
Toys are a must with any parrots, but particularly for conures. The stainless steel bucket is loaded with foot toys (one of which must have been tossed, AGAIN, to the floor).
Meet Molly and Agador, our latest additions to the flock
Molly and Agador are very loyal and devoted to each other (they cover each others' backs quite well)
A flock that plays together...
... pairs off and enjoys quiet time together!
Cute? That, I am!
I love my bucket.
Ooooh. Good toy!
Dusky Conure  
Meet Bart!
She (yes, Bart is a she) may be pint-sized, but she shows all the mannerisms of a large parrot.
Quiet enough for an apartment and loveable enough to melt any heart! Bart blushes whenever you kiss her on the beak.
Bart's husband is Kitt. It's hard to tell Kitt from Bart, isn't it?
Meet Gizmo and Monty!

Monty is named for the island of Montserrat. Gizmo was going to be named after the island of Anguilla (but she knows and says her name - so she keeps it).

They just decided they love each other and can't part for an instant.

Monty is the brains behind the FeatherCAM. He knows just how to aim the camera. Gizmo just shakes her head (another man lost to technological toys).
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