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There is nothing more soothing, nothing that draws your glance faster than a flight of Gouldians! We spend quite a bit of time sitting in front of the main finch flight in our home (it is right in front of the dining room table). It's one of the most serene times of the day spent at the table enjoying our family, a wonderful meal, and the beauty of the many finches interacting with us quite often. Here are some random shots taken over the years.

This is a red head, purple breast, yellow back named Attitude (Atty for short). She's developing a nice one! Here is Captain and Atty enjoying time on a carousel.
Meet Cleopatra, a silver hen. Here are Fruitcake and Nadirah
Some of our original flock taking note of the latest arrivals singing from the quarantine room. Sort of center is a pastel blue named Mr Utley.
Welcome the new members of the Parrothead gang! Fruitcake and Sara up on high.
Some of our Gouldian Finches hanging out on a carousel (very popular with the 'in' crowd - the residents of our big flight). Our man, Thurston. He was our first Gouldian finch.
Group meeting. Our custom-made Gouldian flight! Dave built it from a design he came up with in his head one day (and with no building talent shown prior). It's a perfect home for our babies, and many others have wanted one just lake it for their babies.
Gouldian finch making friends with a local canary. Canaries help 'teach' Gouldians how to eat better. Male canaries will also teach Gouldians how to really sing! We have some great bilingual Gouldian (Dusty, our Congo African Grey even speaks a little canary)
Some of the babies coloring in. High Society finch, peeking out of the nest box. What do you say to 20 societies crammed into a little, tiny nest box? Good night, sweeties!
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