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Our Tiel "Wing"!

We needed to expand and the cockatiels got new digs, a brand new room added on complete with separate air handling system, climate controlled, filtered air, and blanketed in full-room, full-spectrum lighting, Oh, and brand-new HQ flights replaced the SafeGuard flights.

It was a couple years in the design. The new room is roughed in in less than a day! Dedicated electrical circuits are run in using surface mounted conduit (to allow for EXTRA insulation in the walls for soundproofing).
Fun new toys for all - a high powered sprayer would make quick work of priming and painting with walls (if the directions were properly read, first). Weeks later and there are still paint stains on skin.
Priming of the walls complete, there is pause to reflect on a job so-far, well done!
That puts a little color on the subject. We picked a high quality semi-gloss paint for durability and easy clean up. (notice the significant change in apparel from the priming incident (fiasco).
One of the many new HQ flights. While smaller than the SafeGuard flights, it allows for more room since fewer tiels will be kept per flight in these (plenty of toys, perches, foods, and other accoutrements make them a fun place to be).
A couple of the new flights with their new occupants happily moved in. Each cage is outfitted with the same basic layout. It makes it easy on the caregivers moving from cage to cage.
Colorful material lines the backs of the flights which helps with cleaning.
One of the breeding stations set up with several pairs getting their houses in order. The radio plays appropriate mood music (a la Jimmy Buffett - what else?).
Ah... Life is GOOD!


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