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Finch Supplies!

We carry a complete line of supplies for all types of finches, as well as most other birds at competitive prices. The products we carry are the ones we use ourselves. Here are just a few highlighted products you should check our for yourself:


Calciboost - Added to the water or soft foods, is an excellent product to get calcium into your flock. Check out the other great Birdcare Co products - we carry the complete line.


Volkman Super Finch Blend - we've tried lots of different mixes from many companies. The Volkman blends have least waste and highest quality we've found!


Zupreem Maintenance - We offer a variety of seed, pellets, fresh foods, and treats to all our flock. Zupreem we offer in both fruit and natural flavors.


Spray Millet - We go through lots of millet, especially in springtime. Spray millet is a great source of fat for birds (like a candy bar to us). It's great for active birds (like finches).


Wacky Wood - These perches are a natural wood in a wacky, curvy shape. Its varied thickness and uneven appearance provide a source of exercise to little feet. You should have a variety of perches in every cage - this one adds a very different look as well.


Herb Salad - Nature's medicine chest! This is a blend of natural herbs and plants found around the meadow that birds instinctively seek out when they know their bodies need something. Put a small dish with some in the cage and they will take as they need. We've noticed lowered vet bills, better appearance in feathering and attitude, and improved fertility since making Herb Salad a staple offering.

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