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For Sale!

Birds - We offer our parrots and finches to the right homes. We put lots of love and care in raising our birds, and prepare them the best we can for a wonderful life in their new homes. Babies are ready after they are completely weaned. We don't sell un-weaned babies. Free Flight Suit Training!

Pricing - Our babies are individually priced based upon many factors such as lineage, markings, and other qualities. We do offer a pricing guide to give you an idea of the price.

Shipping - We always love to meet the new parents, and invite them over often to get to know their new babies. If you're just too far away for visits, we have a couple delivery options available.

African Grey Amazons
Caiques Cape Parrots
Cockatiels Cockatoos
Conures Doves
Hawk-Headed Eclectus
Jardines Finches
Kakarikis King Parrot
Lineolated Parakeets Macaws
Parrotlet Pionus
Quakers Red Bellied

Cages - The cages we carry are the same ones we use ourselves. We keep a few sizes handy, and can order them in larger quantities if needed (our garage is only so big).

Food - Our birds are weaned to a mixed diet of a quality seed mix, two types of pellets, fresh foods, and treats. We wean to two types of pellets in case there is a problem obtaining one type (they will eat the other. It's happened). We buy in large quantities in order to feed our own birds and obtain our foods from a quality supplier (whom we visit every few weeks), so it's fresh!

Supplies - All our babies are trained to use a water bottle. We've found water bottles to be the most sanitary and efficient way. A variety of perches, carriers, and other items you'll need are also available.

Toys - These are so important for ALL birds. Lots of folks say canaries and finches don't need toys - Come to our house and we'll show you they do love them, too. We have a range of different toys our birds love to play with. We've also stopped using several toys that we've found unsafe for our flock.

Books - The roadmap of knowledge. Although the Internet is loaded with tons of information, it's nice to pull a book off the shelf and curl up in my favorite chair in the happiest room of my house (my bird room) and explore with my friends.

Logo Items - We wanted a mug and a shirt with our logo for ourselves and found this company that would do it for us online. One of our customers saw it when they came to pick up a baby and literally bought it off our backs! After reordering several times to replace things customers wanted when they saw them, we decided to let them order for themselves.

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