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Shipping Birds
Updated 15 April, 2013

If you are located too far away to visit us and pick up your bird, we have a couple options to chose from. We are located in the Washington, DC metro area and are within an easy drive of the mid-Atlantic. We can arrange a place to meet you or deliver your bird to your home. We currently charge $20 plus 55 cents per mile round-trip plus any tolls, etc.

Shipping by Airplane

We also ship babies by airline. We use United  Airlines' PetSafesm, Delta Air Lines' Pet Firstsm program, Alaska Airlines  program. You can find out more about each of the program's specific terms at their websites. United (our primary carrier) provides exemplary care to animals in their charge, and take the extra steps to make sure the babies don't get too stressed or forgotten. We have dealt with the shipping agents at our airports (Dulles International Airport, IAD and Regan National Airport, DCA) and they have all been wonderful to us and our babies. Alaska Airlines is used for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska areas (yes, we have babies living in Alaska, Mexico, Canada, all four corners of the US, and pretty much every state now!), and Continental provides service to the Northeast and other areas. We pick the best carrier depending on the destination and season. We are registered with DHS/TSA as a Known Shipper for Delta, Alaska and United.

Watch Out!

We do not ship parrots through the mail, which is against Federal law (See USPS Publication 52 section 525.1). There are many people who do ship birds this way. Know it is not only illegal to ship, but you would be party to the act if you were to receive such an illegal shipment. Make sure you ask in advance from others.

Shipping Details

Reservations are made within 7 days of the planned ship date. This is the maximum advanced reservation the carriers accept. Once all the arrangements have been confirmed with the carrier, you will receive a flight information document with all the details, complete with what you will need to do and bring with you.

Note: The airlines control how many animals will be allowed on any given flight. Weather conditions (typically temperatures on take-off and anticipated at landing) also control whether an animal will be allowed to board. The airlines give no guarantees whether they will accept an animal until the last minute.

First Class, White Glove Service!

Our babies are shipped in an airline industry-approved carrier that we customize depending on the type of bird, the distance or duration, and the number of birds (if a multiple delivery). We go well over the stated requirements to ensure there are enough food and treats to last for days - just in case there is a delay. The airlines also have instructions to contact us at certain intervals if there is a delay, and special handling instructions are included with the carrier. You can read some of the comments from our satisfied customer page on how calm and happy our babies are when they arrive at their destination. We've even had airline employees call to tell us how cute and playful our babies are and come to visit our website for more information on them.

In general, we charge you for the exact shipping charges and incidentals (health check, fuel surcharges, etc. Should a health certificate be required or desired, we have an avian veterinarian who will perform the check and issue the health certificate. In addition, a full well-bird examination can be arranged, if you would like. For more information on airline-specific policies, here are links to the 3 carriers we work with:

Delta Airlines - Pet First

United Airlines - Pet Safe

Alaska Airlines - Animal Express

Tracking Your Shipment

We send you complete instructions on how your baby will come to you, where to pick up, and what you need and should bring with you to the airport. The airlines report the status of all flights, and you can see the current status of your flight by entering the airline code (DL = Delta Air Lines, UA = United Airlines, or AS = Alaska Airlines) and the flight number.

Flight Status

By Flight or Route

examples: DL 123 or IAD to ATL
Don't Know the Code?

Don't Forget to Write (or Call)!

As excited as you are to have your baby arrive, we are just as anxious to know the arrival was on-time, safe, and without incident. A call from the airport upon pick-up is appreciated.

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