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Seen on EarthCam


Take a look at what's happening in the aviary... Live!
(Page refreshed automatically every 30 seconds)

Seen on the BBC!

DJ Feathers Aviary

Camera 1 Camera 2 Camera 3 Camera 4 Camera 5 Camera 6

EarthCam.com Selects FeatherCam as #1 Webcam Site!

September 2007 is a very good month for FeatherCam! We beat out the hundreds of thousands of webcams in the EarthCam database and were named THE NUMBER ONE Webcam! We are just a little proud! Details

FeatherCam Made the BBC!

On Thursday, 6 September, our FeatherCam was the webcam of the day on the Steve Wright show. We noticed a lot of visitors coming from the BBC's website, and sure enough, that was the reason! The BBC is the latest in the line of high profile media sites and publications that have featured DJ Feathers and our live web camera, FeatherCam. Jimmy, Bart and Kitt got mentions and are now even more famous!

What are you watching?

It could be some baby White Bellied Caiques playing in their cage. They have a sleeping hut in the upper left-rear of the cage, a Jolly Ball in the upper right, and LOTS of energy (they move even when they sleep). Oh, they sometimes sleep on their backs (just in case you panic and think one needs resuscitating) Don't worry, we get that yucky feeling walking up and seeing them that way, too.

Maybe you are catching some baby Sun Conures. Right now they are in a brooder getting familiar with the daily routine. They are at that cute, cuddly stage when they just want to be held and loved on and melt the hardest of hearts.

Is it a Kakariki? We have several of these rare New Zealand parrots in our aviary.

The Blue and Gold Macaw is probably Jimmy. He likes to roam around and play with everyone else's toys, sample food, and demand attention from every visitor. You may also see some beautiful Green Wing Macaws from time to time.

Dusky Conures Bart and Kitt are back in the nest box with their eggs. They like their privacy for now, but soon we'll have their babies up for you to see.

There are also the Cockatiels! We couldn't forget them. We have many different mutations at varying stages of development (as well as our senior citizen/retirement cage) that get put on FeatherCam.

There are also Green Cheek Conures, Black Headed Caiques, Blue Crowned Conures, Congo African Greys, Meyers, Senegals, etc. etc, etc... We'll be making every attempt to get everyone on at some point. We're trying to come up with a schedule since many have asked when they can see their baby. Who knows - maybe we'll have a hand feeding hour (talk to Tammy - she needs some encouragement to get in front of the camera).

What about the technical stuff?

The camera is live and sends a picture to the web server every 30 seconds. The image will automatically reload for you (you don't have to hit the refresh button).

We keep the camera located in the aviary and it talks over a our wireless network to one of our remote web servers that you are now connected to and reading this. When the aviary gets busy (usually in the afternoons, weekends, evenings, holidays) you may see bodies blocking the shots. Those would be the new or prospective parents admiring the babies, and they do get the front row view.

We keep the camera on pretty much 24 hours a day, so if it looks kind of dark, it's probably night and lights out time (we put a clock on the camera image so you can see what time it is in the aviary - this is Eastern US time, -5 GMT). We do keep some dim lights on around the aviary so you might be able to see some things. If you see a little 9-year old streaking through the place, that would be DJ.

What do you think?

We've had lots of comments and suggestions. Tell us what you think - we'd love to hear!

Want to know when things happen?

Add our update list to your home page and you will see our latest happenings there, too! Here are some links to the more popular pages that offer the capability. If you have another home page and would need help figuring out how this stuff works, contact us and we'll try to help you.

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